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International Language Solutions, Inc. is a full-service, multi-language translation and interpreting agency based in Denver, Colorado serving clients nationwide and around the globe.

At ILS, we focus on quality and customer satisfaction. ILS provides language specialists in over 70 languages who are highly trained professionals dedicated to the success of your project. Our Translators and Interpreters are carefully matched to each project based on their specialized skills and expertise.

Whether this is your first translation project or you are a looking for a language services company to provide translation and interpreting on an on-going basis, we look forward to working with you. We take pride in being a reputable company with the administrative and linguistic resources to provide world class language services, while being small enough to be in touch with the needs of our clients. With ILS, you gain a partner who will help you conduct business professionally in any language.

Contact International Language Solutions now and we’ll work to develop a professional language solution for you and your business.


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